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Troubleshoot and Repair Portable Generators

repair portable generators

Safety First, Please!

If your standby generator doesn’t work when you need it,  you need to know something about how to repair portable generators. Afterall, you bought your portable generator so that it would provide electricity for your home and your family in times of emergency or disaster.

Hopefully, when you purchased your backup generator and installed it, you learn something about how it runs and what keeps it healthy. In all likelihood, your generator came with an instruction or owner’s manual, which includes a generator troubleshooting guide and phone numbers to call at the manufacturer for help. Don’t hesitate to use these resources.

Your electrical generator has basically three parts to it: 1) the engine or motor that drives the 2) electrical  generator and 3) the electrical circuitry that connects and delivers electricity to your home lights and appliances.

Break-down Of What Might Be Wrong With Your Portable Generator

The first step in troubleshooting is to determine in which of these three areas the problem exists. The first question to answer is does the motor run or not. If it doesn’t, then all troubleshooting and repair efforts should be focused on getting the motor started first. There are numerous possible reasons the motor won’t start including no or contaminated gasoline (or fuel such as diesel or propane), nonfunctional spark plugs, clogged air intake and/or filter or plugged fuel lines.

Most homeowners can check these possibilities out for themselves including whether not spark is being delivered to the spark plug. In the case of diesel motors, they are the more complicated, but some of the same principles apply including making sure fuel and air is being adequately delivered to the engine.

More critical problems of a mechanical nature internal to your engine probably needs to be diagnosed and repaired by a trained mechanic, unless of course you are a small engine repair person.

Attempting to diagnose problems with your generator and the wiring connectivity circuitry can be more complicated and risky. Not only can the generator be damaged, circuit breakers blown or ruined and fires started, but you can suffer personal injury or worse in the case of lethal shocks.

If at all possible, enlist the help and guidance of electricians or others trained in how to diagnose electrical intricacies and safely manage electrical problems.

Having said that, here are some sources to turn to for troubleshooting and repairing electrical issues:
* Most of the main brand backup electrical generators have online resources including chat rooms and forums to help you. Again, don’t overlook the owner’s manual for your generator.

*Other online forums exist which are populated by people who know what they’re doing in electrical matters and may be of assistance to you.

*Here are two websites I trust and recommend:

Home Generators Guide
Portable Home Generator Installation

*Depending upon your geographic location there may be electrical shops which  provide emergency in-home repair service and/or on-call phone consultations.

repair portable generators

Safety First and Last, Please!

In the event you are not able to make telephonic or internet connection for guidance, best to do what you can to get through the emergency without backup electrical power.

Again, let me remind you to put safety of person and property first. The disaster will pass and other means to repair portable  generators will become available.

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