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Consumer Reports Pick: Best Home Stationary Generator

Solid Quality, Quiet Running, Power to Spare: Kohler Is The Best Home Stationary Generator

People like the power, reliability and quality that comes with Kohler, the best home stationary generator. In my opinion, it’s  got the best of everything in a permanent home gas generator.

With its accurate voltage and frequency regulation along with ultra low levels of harmonic distortion, you get the best generator power quality and protection for your sensitive home electronics as well as other regular appliances.  Power outages are no longer a threat to your home and family.

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Kohler 12RESL Stationary Generator

Consumer Reports ranks the Kohler standby generator as its recommended “Best Buy” for home stationary generators. It’s is one of Green Builders Hot 50 Products of 2010. “Building Products” magazine gave it the 2010 most valuable product award.

I like the Kohler PowerBoost technology which allows it to run a 4 ton BTU central air conditioner in addition to powering other home appliances and elect tonics at the same time. 12 kilo watts of power (35 kva peak motor starting) is a lot of juice for home usage.   This is an heard of  feat for this sized standby electric generator.

The Kohler 12RESL 12RES model air cooled standby generator runs on natural gas or propane. It comes with a built-in mounting pad, flexible fuel lines, automatic transfer switch and easy connection terminal. This backup generator for home electricity can restore power in as little as 10 seconds.

Two critical qualifications that this machine meets: 1. It meets all EPA and California Air Resources Board pollution requirements. 2. This Kohler power system maintains neighborhood solitude with its super quiet operation and noise reduction system. Standby generators are usually quite noisy and a nuisance to neighbors.  But not this one!

I have reviewed other machines and they just don’t compare to the standard features of the Kohler which  includes a digital control panel with LED status display, hydraulic valve lifters which provide reliable performance without routine adjustments, fuel and electrical connections through the corrosive-proof closure, and 100 amp automatic transfer switch with 12-circuit load center.

The Kohler standby generator is equipped with microprocessor based controls that provide diagnostic and regulation for flawless operation and automatic weekly diagnostic testing.

When connected to a standard portable liquid propane tank, the Kohler 12RESL will run for 4.5 hours. If connected to a natural gas hook up, run time is essentially unlimited. This generator weighs 400 pounds and is 44 x 28 x 31 inches in size.

This best-in-class Kohler standby generator for your home backs up its reliability and industry-leading power quality with a five-year limited warranty. I do not know how to find a better home backup genset. As the best home stationary generator, it is your best bet for backup power.