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Consumer Reports’ Pick: Best Midsized Portable Generator

Consumer Reports lists the Briggs & Stratton Elite Series 30242 as the best midsized portable generator.

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Briggs & Stratton Elite 30242 genset

Not only does Consumer Reports testing indicate this generator as the top pick in this category of best midsized portable generators, but consumer reviews such as this one support that as well:

I purchased this generator with the winter in mind. Sure enough, we just suffered a catastrophic ice storm that left our entire area a huge disaster- we lost power for 13 days. Thanks to this Briggs & Stratton generator, we ran the fridge / freezer, lights, 2 deep freezers, 2 televisions, and microwave.I even ran our washing machine a couple of times.

The generator was only using about 20% of it’s capability. It ran perfectly for approximately 13 hours a day and on one tank of gas each day.”

Consumer Reports puts the Briggs &  Stratton Elite as best in power quality (ability to deliver consistent voltage), low noise level and ease-of-use meaning ease of starting, fuel shutoff, panel features and transportability. In my opinion, these are significant features to consider as you shop for backup standby generators.

This Briggs & Strtatton Elite backup generator has rated wattage at 6,200 and surges to 8,750. This is enough electrical power to run lights and most alliances in your medium-sized home. This model generator does require a transfer switch to hook up directly to your house. However, it does have four regular AC outlets rated at 30 amps useful for plugging in various applications.

Other features which keep this machine highly rated (I don’t think you’ll any find better) include electric¬† start, fuel gauge, low-oil automatic shutoff, automatic voltage regulation, a wheel kit and a 30 amp extension cord. You will be pleased, as well.

Average Price for the Briggs & Stratton Elite 30242 electric generator is $900 – $1100, a small price to pay for the best midsized portable generator.

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